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General AMI FAQ

Google Classroom

Students will see all of their assignments in Google Classroom.  There should be no change from their daily routine.  Teachers will put assignments into Classroom as they go along.  If you do not see any assignments listed, you may need to go into each individual class on Classroom to check.  You will also want to check for any missing work - this is a good time to make up anything you might be missing and get your grade up!


Your Teacher-Librarian can be a vital resource to you during AMI!  Ms. Becker is available to you during the school day to help you as needed.  She can get on a Google meet chat or video call to help walk you through things, or if you need to reach a teacher that has been unavailable (after a reasonable amount of time, don't forget they DO have to teach all day, and they don't have a separate AMI plan period this year), and can work with that teacher to get the help you need.  

The library has a ton of resources that can assist you - we have our virtual databases, we are connected to the Scenic Regional Library for ebooks, we have access to other resources through the state of Missouri.  And, as many know, she loves to research, and can definitely be of help.  

Teacher Emails

Teachers do not have a separate plan period for AMI time this year.  So, they have to utilize their plan period, before school, or after school to respond to student emails.  However, we have been short on substitute teachers as of late, so our teachers have also been called to sub during their plan periods.  This has led to a lot of our teachers falling a bit behind in responding to student emails.  Please be patient with them - you are important to them, and will get back to you as soon as they can.  Don't forget, many also coach sports, as well as have their own families to tend to.  We are pulled in many different directions, so again, please have patience.

Image by Solen Feyissa
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