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  • Be respectful!  Yes, Ms. Becker is not a "shush" librarian, but this is also a place where some people want a quieter atmosphere than their classroom.  Be respectful.

  • PDA is not allowed.  Just no.

  • Don't be stupid.  Pretty much everything can be summed up with that.

  • The library is open to "hang out" before school in the morning and during lunch You must have a pass from Ms. Becker to come down at lunch - you cannot leave lunch to come in without permission.

  • If you don't have an actual reason to be in the LLC (other than during lunch), Ms. Becker WILL send you back to class.  

  • Messing around - just don't do it.  Continual issues will be cause for being written up.


  • There is a limit of five (5) books at a time.  More *may* be checked out if needed for research or other school-related purposes.

  • Books are due two (2) weeks after check out.  This is a change this year from previous policy.

  • There is no limit to renewing books unless there is a hold on it.  However, after four (4) renewals, Ms. Becker will conference with the student on if the books is right for the student and how far they are actually getting through it.

  • Fines for overdue books are CURRENTLY SUSPENDED due to COVID.  There are no fines for overdue books at this time.  This may be adopted permanently in the future.  (This does not include lost books, just overdues.)

  • If books are over 60 days overdue (not including weekends/school days off), the book(s) will be marked LOST and the student is liable for the full cost of the book, which will be put on their Infinite Campus account.

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