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Feature Book Friday - Furyborn


By: Claire Legrand

Book 1 of The Empirium Trilogy

Furyborn follows the lives of two different characters - Rielle and Eliana. Their lives are set 1000 years apart.

Rielle is a lady in the court of Celdaria. She is also more powerful than any other human alive. It is only when her closest friend, the crown prince, is attacked, that her multiple powers are shown. That makes people fear her, as there is a prophecy about two queens - a sun queen and a blood queen.

Eliana lives 1000 years after the fall of Queen Rielle. She is known as the Dread or Orline, a bounty hunter. She believes that she is practically invincible - she can't get hurt. She deals with the violence in her life as a way for her and her family to survive.

This book is a wild ride. I will admit at times it is difficult to follow at first, as you are reading the stories of two different lives, 1000 years apart, simultaneously. But, once you start getting into the book, you start to understand how Rielle and Eliana's lives are intertwined. This is definitely a book that made me mad when it ended - because it is a trilogy and I wanted more of the story now!!!! Book two is called Kingsbane, which is out currently (and on the to be ordered list), but the untitled third book won't be out until 2020.

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